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At Tearfund, we believe the local church is central to overcoming poverty and transforming lives. We’re part of it, along with others around the world and with each and every one of our amazing supporters. Together, we make up the global church. Tearfund has operated in Northern Ireland for more than 40 years and continues with a strong network of supporters and churches.

We have a vision to see 50 million people released from material and spiritual poverty through a worldwide network of 100,000 local churches.

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Encourage your church this harvest with the story of one Cambodian church which is planting hope and growing futures. ‘When we don’t have anything to eat,’ explains local community member Tol, ‘the Christians help us with rice from the rice bank.’ 

Our  ’One family’ harvest resource highlights how Tearfund’s partner WDO has mobilised Tol’s community enabling them to feed themselves, establish small businesses and develop their community. Most amazingly of all, 20 families have now come to faith. 

'In November I'm planning to visit partners like WDO in Cambodia to see their extraordinary work ' says Bishop Harold Miller, one of Tearfund's new Vice Presidents. 'This harvest, I'd invite you to share this terrific story with your church and plant hope locally and globally'.  

You can view and download the One family films, powerpoint presentation, speaker notes , biblical commentary and harvest lunch ideas by clicking here.

Ian Mulholland and his team, William Mc Master, Ross Johnston and Robb Bowles entered the Chain Reaction Cycles Mountain Bike Marathon in Selkirk Scotland in support of Tearfund’s One Family campaign. 

Selkirk is in the Scottish borders and is a beautiful area the boys enjoy a three day mountain bike each year. P&O Ferries sponsored the fantastic four’s journey cross as they travelled from Larne to Scotland on the weekend of 31st July. 

The team was blessed with excellent weather on the day, with stunning views and nice dry trails. Which all added to the team’s experience as they managed to cross the finish line.

AES gift matched the money the four raised through sponsorship in Kilroot Power Station were Ian Mulholland works, along with another £1000 from their social responsibility budget.

Making a grand total raised of £12,000 which will go towards the One Family appeal. 

Tearfund @ The Presbyterian Special Assembly: Acting justly and loving mercy in the global village

Tim Macgowan

Over 50 Presbyterian church leaders attended our workshop at the Presbyterian Special Assembly looking at how churches can transform communities locally and globally.

Three key messages emerged from the discussion :

Firstly, churches have the potential to transform society on a massive scale. In Ethiopia last year for example I visited The Meserete Kristos Church, a denomination which is helping 15,000, 1 in 8 of the local population. If our churches were operating on the same scale in Northern Ireland, we could be helping over 200,000 people, nearly 60% of the people living under the poverty line.

Secondly, churches which listen well to peoples’ needs, and build strong relationships, are able to transform people’s lives holistically. For example, one of the staff from WDO, one of our Cambodian partners, lived in Pastor Chheoun’s village for 6 months helping him establish a small church and train local leaders. After listening to the community’s needs, the team then trained local people to plant nutritional crops and build a rice bank, ensuring there was food during the hungry season. As a result, Pastor’s Chheoun’s community is thriving and 20 families have now come to faith.

Thirdly, start small. Ballynahinch Baptist started engaging its community through a litter pick up. Over time they have acquired a community house to run support groups and established a scheme to provide furniture for vulnerable people and families.

As part of the session three Presbyterian church leaders highlighted the opportunities and the very real challenges they face in engaging communities locally and globally. Over the next three days we plan to share these stories on this blog.

In the meantime you can find out more about Pastor Chheoun’s amazing story by clicking here.


Tim Magowan

Northern Ireland Director, Tearfund

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