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At Tearfund, we believe the local church is central to overcoming poverty and transforming lives. We’re part of it, along with others around the world and with each and every one of our amazing supporters. Together, we make up the global church. Tearfund has operated in Northern Ireland for more than 40 years and continues with a strong network of supporters and churches.

We have a vision to see 50 million people released from material and spiritual poverty through a worldwide network of 100,000 local churches.

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Great photos of some of the church leaders team in secret training around Belfast. Watch out you might see some of them preparing for Monday.

Ethiopian and NI church leaders to run Belfast Marathon together.


A team of local church leaders will run the Belfast Marathon Relay with two Ethiopian Church Leaders to bring help and hope to 5,000 Ethiopians living in poor communities.


The church leaders include Bishop Harold Miller; Rev. Stafford Carson, Former Presbyterian Moderator; Rev Ken Todd, Former Methodist President; Rev. David McClay, co-leader of New Wine Ireland; Dave Dunlop, Windsor Baptist Pastor; Dave Dickinson, Alpha Ireland and Beth Laverty, 24/7 Prayer Ireland.


The clergy teams will be joined by over 100 runners from churches around Northern Ireland.


The 2 Ethiopian Church leaders, Simon Haile and Tefera Abiche, both work for the Kale Heywet Church, which has been a long term partner of Christian Relief and Development agency Tearfund.  To date, Tearfund’s support has enabled 275 Kale Heywet churches to establish savings schemes and small businesses benefiting 70,000 people living in poor communities.


'The average life expectancy in Ethiopia is 48 which would mean that some of our team wouldn't be alive to make this run' says Bishop Harold Miller. ‘I’m delighted to be linking up with Christians across Northern Ireland to help churches bring help and hope to communities in Ethiopia’.


Together, the teams hope to raise £10,000 to help 20 more Ethiopian churches establish savings groups and small businesses which will benefit a further 5,000 people in poor communities. 


Former Presbyterian Moderator Stafford Carson visited a Kale Heywet church in Ethiopia in 2009. ‘I saw how one local church was able to transform the lives of over 600 people living in a slum in Addis Ababa. Thhuy, for example, used a loan of £30 from a savings scheme to set up a bakery business - as a result she is able to feed her family of 5 properly for the first time.


You can sponsor the Clergy team online at  http://www.justgiving.com/Tearfundglobalrunningteam or by phoning the Tearfund NI office on 028 90 682828.


 ‘This run highlights how local churches are helping us deliver our vision – to lift 50 million people out of material and spiritual poverty through a worldwide network of 100,000 local churches’ says Tim Magowan NI Director, Tearfund. ‘. You can see for yourself the impact local churches are making here - http://see.tearfund.org/

Re Ignite : BBC’s Mark Simpson interviews Bishop Harold Miller and Hilary McClay, drawing out amazing stories of transformation from Cambodia and Ethiopia

If your church would like to connect with Cambodia click here, or Ethiopia click here.

For personal giving to the work of Tearfund click here and to join us in OneVoice Global Poverty Prayer Week click here.

Prayer changes the world - an inspirational message for our Re:Ignite conference from Pete Greig, 24/7 Prayer (author of Red Moon Rising).

To find out more about Re:Ignite this Saturday click here

Bishop Harold Miller interviews a level 5 leader Chomno during his recent visit to Cambodia with Tearfund

Blog Extract

Chomno is a level five leader - the very best, but it was the quiet way in which he brought us to see his new building which really struck us. At first it just seemed like a quiet little evening outing. We didn’t quite know what we were going to be shown, but we know it was to do with the vision for the future of the Cambodian Hope Organisation, and to do with rescuing young girls who might get caught up into prostitution. When we entered he building, empty like a warehouse, we at first couldn’t believe that it had really cost $500,000. Then we realised the size it was. Four floors, going very far back from the street, into which he hoped to move and grow his organisation, which till now has been in rented premises.

Then, like the acts of a play he unveiled the plan:

Level 1 was to be a cafe with (as he described it) ‘really good coffee’ - Churches take note! A really good bakery in the back. These girls will be trained in skills they can be proud of. They will not just survive - they will produce the very finest!

Level 2  will produce tee shirts which he will sell to the world, and at a good price. A fantastic embroidery machine is already there, and any logo or ext cam be put on them. And we all bought one to make that point. These are well done, but we warned them that XL means something different in the UK, and something different yet again in the US!

Level 3 will be offices for the CHO, which needs really good administration, and

Level 4 will be the church, though useable for conferences as well. As close to heaven as you can get!

When we asked Chomno where he and his wife and family would live, he didn’t seem to have got round to organising that. They live in one room in the old building at the moment.

Here, in this place, the captives will be set free, Good News will be preached to the poor, and the Kingdom of God will be seen in the incarnation of the love of Jesus. It all makes my heart beat faster. My vision for churches is that they will be a little glimpse of heaven on earth. In the West, we make such heavy weather of it, but to a man like Chomno it comes naturally - or do I mean supernaturally?

Gallery photos from the Haiti Film Press Reception on 12th January 2011.

Photo Credit : Tim Doak

Join us at Re : Ignite   

You can reserve your place by emailing ir@tearfund.org or calling our booking line number 07799076691. Please include your workshop choices and whether you’d like to stay for lunch. Tickets - £7.50 with lunch. £5 without lunch.  

Re:Ignite Conference - inspiration, prayer and action

Join us at Re : Ignite  

Join Bishop Harold Miller, Hilary McClay, Andy Flannagan, Jim Nicholson MEP, 24/7 Prayer, and Belfast Community Gospel choir at our Re Ignite Conference as we launch our One Voice campaign to light up churches and individuals in prayer and action around the world.

Re Ignite will take place on 9.30 – 1pm on Saturday 5th February in Carnmoney Presbyterian Church.

One Voice is about being Lit up. Together. Around the world. Praying for an end to poverty. Download resources for your church to use from 27th February – 6th March here.

Our Re Ignite programme 

10 -11.15 - BBC’s Mark Simpson interviews Bishop Harold Miller and Hilary McClay about their recent trips to Cambodia and Ethiopia. Worship led by Andy Flannagan,  

11.30 - 5 Re: Ignite workshops   

  • Re:Connect with Derek McKelvey and 24/ 7 prayer – ideas to help you and your church reconnect prayerfully with God and practically with your neighbour
  • Re:Act with 24/ 7 prayer –ideas to help young people reconnect prayerfully with God and practically with their neighbours
  • Re:Adjust with Peter Lynas – biblical insight and inspirational stories to help you act  justly in your workplace
  • Re:Visit – Tim Magowan with Jim Nicholson MEP - Having recently met Tearfund staff and the President Jim Nicholson will highlight stories of challenge and Transformation from his recent visit to Haiti as part of an EU fact finding delegation
  • Re:Source with Andy Flannagan – equip your church to reach out locally and globally

 12.30 – Closing session with Belfast Community Gospel Choir  

1pm  -  Lunch for those who have booked  

You can reserve your place by emailing ir@tearfund.org or calling our booking line number 07799076691. Please include your workshop choices and whether you’d like to stay for lunch. Tickets - £7.50 with lunch. £5 without lunch.  

For more information about this conference, and to read Hilary McClay’s account of her recent visit to Ethiopia, download our special Northern Ireland Teartimes insert  or click onto our blog here.

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