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At Tearfund, we believe the local church is central to overcoming poverty and transforming lives. We’re part of it, along with others around the world and with each and every one of our amazing supporters. Together, we make up the global church. Tearfund has operated in Northern Ireland for more than 40 years and continues with a strong network of supporters and churches.

We have a vision to see 50 million people released from material and spiritual poverty through a worldwide network of 100,000 local churches.

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Northern Irish church leaders invite you to ‘See for yourself’
On 2nd May, a team of Northern Irish church leaders* ran the Belfast Marathon Relay to highlight how churches are transforming communities in Ethiopia.
The church leaders included Bishop Harold Miller, former Presbyterian Moderator Rev. Stafford Carson, former Methodist President Rev. Ken Todd and Windsor Baptist Pastor Dave Dunlop.
The church leaders were running to support a Tearfund programme to enable 300 Ethiopian churches to set up small businesses and savings schemes holistically benefiting over 70,000 people.  One of these people is Thhuy, a mother of 5, who was lifted out of extreme poverty when she received a £30 loan to set up a bakery. Now, she can feed her children properly, has the dignity of running her own business and has experienced God’s love though the kindness of local Christians.
‘At Easter we remember that Jesus came to bring new life - physically, emotionally, intellectually, culturally, socially and spiritually’ says Rev. Ken Todd. ‘I was really pleased to do this run just after Easter to help local churches bring new life to thousands of people like Thhuy’
‘See for yourself’ launch in Northern Ireland
At a reception after the marathon, I was delighted to launch ‘See for yourself’, a brand new initiative which allows supporters like you to follow one village and see how the local church is transforming it.
If you sign up, you simply choose one community in Uganda, Peru or Nepal to follow and we’ll send you a monthly email update and a film every three months. Over time, we hope that this initiative will inspire and challenge you, whilst also enabling you to prayerfully and practically support local churches as they reach out into their communities.
‘Our run highlighted how local churches are bringing help and hope to thousands of people living in poor communities around the world’ says Rev. Stafford Carson. ‘I’d invite you to see for yourself how this is happening and help Tearfund achieve its amazing ten-year vision of lifting 50 million people out of material and spiritual poverty through a world wide network of 100,000 local churches’.
You can see for yourself how local churches are transforming communities here 

Thanks for all your support


Tim Magowan
Northern Ireland Director, Tearfund
* Church leaders from Right to left : Rev. David McClay, New Wine Ireland; David Dunlop, Pastor of Windsor Baptist; Rev. Ken Todd, former Methodist President; Beth Laverty, 24/7 Prayer Ireland; Rev. Stafford Carson, former Presbyterian Moderator; Ruth Cooke, Tearfund and Bishop Harold Miller, Tearfund Vice President. Photo Credit : Derek Hall

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